Media and Nithyanada Scandal

The role of the media in the ‘exhibition’ of Nithyanatha’s scandal is very crucial.

It is the duty and the indispensable role of the media to bring to light what the truth is. And particularly with a public figure who has been followed for his words and teachings. This helps the mass to inform that they believe in a wrong person; that they uphold a wrong figure as a guru; that they have to really be awakened to see the enlightened guru.

However, in bringing the truth to the light, the media has to expose the news objectively and modestly. In the case of Nithyantha it has neither been objective nor modest. It has not been objective – sun news has hidden the face of the actress and says that the actress names begins with R.

In what way the actress is more important than the other person. What made sun t.v. to hide the face of the lady?

May be because … she is acting in a serial with Kalaignar TV.

Or may be … the whole news is given so much importance to bring down the audience to the kalaignar TV.

Or may be there has been a fight between Nithyanatha and sun TV. (May be he was asked to write in Kungumam and not to write in kumudam and Nithyantha refused – sun TV aadhayam illamal ethuvum pannathu.

Or they give these kinds of sensational videos to show that they can also be overt like Kalaigar t.v.’s Manada Mayilada ---

Or may be to increase its TRP

Who knows the politics behind the news?

Or may be to promise the audience that there will be unexpected sensational news which only the sun TV. offers?

Who knows what?

It has not been modest – because there is a sensor board for removing the unwanted scenes from a movie to which somebody goes willingly to a cinema to watch it. But with what was shown in sun TV. nothing seems to have been censored. Whom to ask?

Added to this, they have added orgiastic (!) music – they say that the video is presented as it is – what was the need for them to insert that kind of music and still call it original – unless they have a camera which composes its own music according the scene it captures …They arouse people by music.

How many politicians are bribed, how many of them bribe, how many politicians and government employees are sleeping in the office, how many citizens are irresponsible, how many police officers themselves are perpetrating criminal activities …. (besides being sexually scandalous). I am not saying that their sex scandals have to be videoed and telecasted or not to be telecasted.

There are lots of things which a media can expose to the public – but not creating people sensational. Fortunately or unfortunately people are with senses. Could a responsible media arouse it for its own business?

What is the difference between Nithyanantha and the media? He misbehaved with one or two women. The media misbehaves with millions of people.



பதிவுகள் விவாதத்தின் தொடக்கமே. பின்னூட்டங்களே விவாதங்களை முன்னெடுத்துச் செல்லும்